31 December 2019, the first case reported in Wuhan, China. The day of the downfall of the whole world, a day of desolation, to wrap things up a day of isolation from blood relations. The cases expanding day by day and eating the existence of numerous individuals.

The turn for…

“When fears are grounded dreams take flight”.

The time when I was standing on the ground with fear, and looking at the sky to observe how these birds fly high in the sky. Many questions arose in my mind that how they swarm fearlessly. Actually, these are not just birds…

Coming back with another blog that reflects the journey of the first two weeks of my fellowship.

If I expressed my entire experience it was marvelous. I was excited to explore something new and important besides my studies. The first picture reminds me of the “one-on-one session” with Mam Zeest.

Coming back with a new blog about the task that is assigned to me by Amal Academy to eat the frogs using the Pomodoro technique.


Pomodoro technique is a time management method for students, perfectionists, and procrastinators of all kinds.

This technique was developed by Francesco Cirillo in…

Here there is two points growth mindness and fixed mindset.Growth Mindset always grow and ready to absorb new ideas and faced new problems with great abilities.On the other hand fixed mindset is limited and he just focused on one idea and ignored the feedbacks.


1:Developing a growth mindset.

“Health is the state of complete mental ,social, physical well being ,not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.(WHO)

Now from the above quotation we come to know that health is very important for us and for our community. In order to save the lives of people we must have…


As I have explained my smarts goals,I start to keep working to achieve this .

So my first step was to enhanced practical experience in my feild.For this I need my profession related mentor.

I wrote an application to a well known high standard laboratory.

In past few months ,I was in stress as there was no opportunity due to COVID-

19.I could not do something constructive in regard yo my field.So as the siutation became suitable I delivered application to my favorite lab.

Hope so they will respond me as I wish .

I was present at my lab when I was doing this project.

At lab there is an phlebotomy area which needed to be clean and demand some fixation and disinfection.

I want to fix that stuff and cleaned that place but i took a picture before doing so,

It needs…

kindness means to serve humanity.Being human it is our great responsibility to help others.We should not put someone in danger.It is not our religious responsibility but also our moral duty.

iqra mushtaq

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