“Health is the state of complete mental ,social, physical well being ,not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.(WHO)

Now from the above quotation we come to know that health is very important for us and for our community. In order to save the lives of people we must have awareness about any disease especially for women who live inside homes and little communication with people.

Now come to my project work i.e Breast cancer awareness especially among female.Firstly we have to know about breast cancer.

It is a disease in which cells of the breast grow out of control. It can grow in different parts of breast depending on its type.


  1. Women factor as women are more likely to get that cancer.


its main symptoms include:

  • New lump in the breast or underarm (armpit).


Pakistan alone has the highest rate of Breast Cancer than any other Asian country as approximately 90000 new cases are diagnosed every year out of which 40000 die.

It also common cancer in women worldwide, with nearly 1.7 million new cases diagnosed in 2012, representing about 25 per cent of all cancers in women.


Our most of Pakistani backward living females are unaware about this disease .They also feel ashamed while talking about that to other person. So as a result it spread and cause serious effects sometime death.

Early diagnosis of breast cancer can save from lethal effects and reduce the chance of surgery as well.


My goal is to provide a vast awareness program to these females how to diagnose it early.

Cancer Council’s Pink Ribbon Day helps raises funds in support of the many thousands of Australian women affected by breast and gynecological cancers. Cancer Council aims to minimize the threat of women’s cancers through successful prevention, best treatment, support and world-class cancer research. Pink Ribbon Day.

I can start it by taking small level conceling mettings with uneducated females and male and tell them about cause and symptoms.

Giving a practical view how they can diagnose it by giving five minutes to their self on daily and weekly basis.

In addition I can also consult different field related doctors for better understanding of the whole scenerio.


I hope my small step can bring a better change in society especially in backward areas.I already started this work at my home side at small level in my family.

Happy to do it on large scale for my satisfaction and for the fulfillment of my duty.